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Did you know you can get an appointment for your doctors on-line?

Its so much more convenient to be able to choose you own appointment date and time in the comfort of your own home. Not only that but you can also check your recent blood tests and see what your medical history is. Often you may have your blood test done and think you must go back to the doctors to see if you are ok or not. Using the online system you will be told if you need to consult your doctor or if everything is normal. Of course those that want confirmation from their doctor can still go there its just so much more convenient.

So how do you do this:

First of all you must be registered and have your SIP car and details ready.

b3You will nee to go to http://www.torrevieja-salud.com and on the right hand column look for the following button

Click this and you will be directed to a new site. This site also has an English version (Top right or the page) to help you if your Spanish is not good enough or you just feel more comfortable using the English version.

If you have registered before you can simply enter your detail but if this is the case you probably don't need to be reading this article. Otherwise you need to register as a new user using the link: Are Your New: Register Yourself.

Click on that link and a pop up screen will be displayed as so:

 registration popup

You will have to complete the details as appropriate cjhoosing an 8 digit password on the subsequent screens. Once you have completed the registration you can access the system and make appointments or consult your test results and medical history including any admissions to hospital etc.

This information is meant as a guide and may not be up to date. Should you need clarification of assitence you can consult your medical centre.


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