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12 December 2014

VCOC Christmas Security

SHOPPING: When you go shopping take with you only what you need. Be aware of pick pockets in stores, markets and car parks - keep wallets and purses secure and out of sight.

DISTRACTIONS: Be aware of distraction thieves. They will distract you in the store, street, market and car park. The usual form is to ask you if you have dropped a 20 euro note; while you are distracted their accomplice will grab your bag. In car parks the system is to place a leaflet on the drivers side window, blocking the view or they may indicate there is something wrong with your car (wheel). when you open the car door to remove the leaflet or check you car the accomplice will open the passenger side door and grab any handbags in view on the seat or held by a passenger. ATM's: At bank ATM's be aware of loiterers watching you withdraw money. If possible use an ATM located in the bank or foyer and be accompanied.

AIRPORTS: At Airports take particular care of your bags and luggage when loading / unloading the car or taxi. Bag snatchers operate very fast and effectively. Be aware of cars following you from the airport to your home. You are most vulnerable when you stop at your house to unload the car. Visitors are most likely to be robbed on arrival when bags, passports, money and travel documents are unpacked and left unattended. Do not stop on the motorway if you are constantly 'flashed' by a car behind - pull into a service area and call 112.

RESTAURANTS: When you leave a restaurant check to see that you are not being followed to your car or to your home.

AT HOME: When you go out ensure all windows, doors and gates are secured . Do not leave keys visible or in door locks at any time-day or night. Do not leave bags, wallets, computers mobile phones on view at night. Experience show that all of the above are easily 'fished' out by the thieves once they have achieved a small access through a window. Do not leave passports and driving licences in the car overnight. Ensure cars are locked. The crime rate here is low, here on the Orihuela Costa , as a result of most residents applying appropriate security practices, but thieves are always on the lookout for an easy target - please be vigilant and pass this information on to your neighbours and visitors - better safe than sorry!.

" Here's wishing you all a safe and Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year 2015 .

My thanks to all those who have worked through the Year to keep their Communities safe for their support this year.

Feliz Navidad

Best wishes Chris and Graham www.orihuelacostavc.com

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