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20 March 2010

Community Rules

Internal Rules of the House Owners Association.
Villas San Jose-IV Parcelas R3 and R4.

Art. 1. The public areas will be used as stated in the Ley de Propiedad Horizontal, the following rules and any adopted at the A.G.M. Common sense should be applied when dealing with issues not covered by these rules.

Art. 2. Owners and occupiers should respect the rules of this residential area and avoid disturbing other residents with annoying noise from radios televisions etc.

Art. 3. All owners and occupiers are responsible for the cleanliness of the urbanization. It is not permitted to dispose of litter in public areas. It is also not permitted to dry laundry and towels on porches or over balustrades.

Art. 4. Owners are obliged to maintain their property and gardens in good condition.

Art. 5. The swimming pools will be open throughout the year.

Art. 6. The opening hours for the pools are: 09:00 to 22:00.

Art. 7. The following are NOT allowed in the pool:

  • Alcohol and glass.
  • No animals inside the pool grounds.
  • The use of soap.
  • Playing dangerous games around the pool.
  • Unaccompanied children under the age of 12.
  • Ball games in the pool and pool grounds.

Art. 8. The use of motorbikes is prohibited in the internal streets of the urbanization.

Art. 9. Ball games are prohibited in the internal streets of the urbanization.

Art. 10. Animals should be kept on a lead when in public areas. It is the owner’s responsibility to remove any excrement made by their animal.

Art. 11. Owners and occupiers should park their cars in their drive way or in the car park. Loading and unloading of vehicles is permitted in the internal roads, restricted to 10 minutes, this is to ensure that internal roads are accessible to emergency vehicles.

Art 12. Owners who let their property should display this notice and ensure all
occupiers are aware of these rules.



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